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          About us
          Gaoyou Qiangjie plastic products Co., Ltd. is a professional production of MD sole, Eva price, exclusive production, plastic sole rubber sole manufacturer, high-grade hotel slippers, high-grade corrugated sole supplier, two forming mode exclusive distributor, thick stripe cloth press sole manufacturer, specializing in the production of shoe manufacturers, only the price of MD Eva, exclusive production, injection sole, rubber sole, high-grade hotel slippers, high-grade corrugated base, forming two sole pattern, striped cloth shoes and other pressure...
          Contact us

          Phone: 0514-84223256
          Fax: 0514-85084088
          Cell phone: 13801457991
          15862870399 13805254047
          Mailbox: qiangjiecom@126.com
          Ww.ny5611.com website;
          Address: Yangzhou south tea industrial park, Beijiao


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